Battery Free Bike Lights with ReeMount™

Our new CIO bike lights operates on their own eco-friendly power, with the use of a friction-free system, composed of a small magnet mounted on the spokes and a generator integrated into the light itself.

The lights are mounted with ReeMount™ – a straightforward and secure wire system that makes positioning your lights faster and easier than ever before. The wire is made from coated stainless steel, ensuring a strong mount and minimising the risk of breakage or theft.

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Battery Lights

Battery Lights Designed for Life on the GO

Reddot design award winning bike lights - Reelight GO - is created for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern lifestyle on the go. Reelight Go uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently mounted on the handlebar and seat post. Once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the front and rear lights connect magnetically into one compact unit that can be kept in a pocket or bag.

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Hub lights

Hub Mounted Battery Free Bike Lights

Reelight Hub Lights is a series of smart little bike lights with bright clear illumination. Mounting the bike lights is quick and easy. The bike light is mounted on the hub and is designed for all bikes with v-brakes, roller brakes or disc brakes (max. 160 mm). The light output corresponds to an ordinary battery lamp with fresh batteries.

The bike light produces its own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the dynamo and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries.

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Flex mount

Battery Free Bike Lights with flexible mounting

Elegant design, powerful light and increased visibility combined with multiple mounting options makes up the Free Mount series. The Free Mount lights also has a high powered front light option, which will light up the road ahead when biking in darkness.

Read more to find the combination of lights which it right for you and your bike.

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