Right / left hand traffic

Some countries drive on the right hand side of the road and some on the left. The lights should always be mounted closest to the traffic, so please make sure that the lights are suitable for you.

If you are in doubt about what we mean about right / left hand traffic, you can look up your country in the chart below:

  Right Hand Traffic Left Hand Traffic
Denmark X  
Germany X  
France X  
Netherlands X  
Norway X  
Sveden X  
Finland X  
Italy X  
Spain X  
United Kingdom   X
Ireland   X
Australia   X
One dynamo powers one light. For a full set, add 2 lights + 2 dynamos.
Only for use on aluminium rims
Not for suspension / wide forks / MTB


Head tube mounting

Bracket and rubber straps in two sizes included with the light. Comes with 30cm cable.


Seat stay mounting

Bracket and rubber strap included with the light. Comes with 40cm cable.


Basket mounting

Brackets included for mounting on baskets without mounting holes. Comes with 65cm cable.


Luggage carrier mounting

Brackets for mounting on luggage carriers without mounting holes are NOT INCLUDED. Comes with 75cm cable.

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