Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour?

When was the last time you were able to stargaze? It’s probably been a while, maybe because you’ve had other things to do or maybe because you simply haven't been able to see the stars. There’s a reason for that. The emission of light here on earth are making it difficult to see the sky as you might remember it from when you were a child… We suggest you to turn down the lights on March 30th with the rest of the world and enjoy the silence, the darkness and the sky - and maybe as you stand there you’ll have the time to consider what an impact our actions have on earth and thereby on humanity.


Earth hour is an act done to create awareness on our planet and on the fact that we are tiring it day by day with our over-consumption of its resources. It is an hour where we acknowledge the importance of doing a change in saving our planet, not just for ourselves now, but for the generations to come. We must all take action - now.

Therefore, we want to raise awareness on this matter as well as donate aid to the establishment of healthy solutions and the work done to save the planet in all aspects. We have therefore made an agreement with WWF in Denmark to donate 30% of the sales on our website (shipping costs not included) in one month to WWF and their work. The donation earnings will be raised from March 1st to March 30th - the day of Earth Hour. So if you are in need of bike lights, now is a good time to buy them and help us donate to a good cause.




The Industry in which we place ourselves is an industry where we see a lot of potential in bettering the climate as well as the health and safety of the world's population.




Lowering the CO₂ emission

According to an article from the European Cyclist Federation the CO₂ emission from a person commuting by bike is under 1/10th of what a person driving a car pollutes. Therefore, taking the bicycle when going somewhere is a great start in helping our planet. This is especially a thing possible for people living in bigger cities, since the distances are short.




Another area is health - it is proven that by biking instead of driving, a person will decrease the risk of being overweight later in life, also cyclists will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol numbers, and lastly the risk of diabetes is lowered for people using their bike regularly. 



Toxic trash

There are 7.7 billion people in the world , where around 70% are in the age group of people able to ride a bike. However, to make an example, only half of these 70% are capable of cycling. This leaves us at 2.7 billion people. Hopefully all these people have bike lights on their bikes. A bike light uses approximately two AA-batteries in each bike light. This means four batteries per. person and 1,1 trillion batteries in total. These batteries need to be changed regularly, therefore, by using magnetic bike lights a lot of harmful pollution is avoided.