WWF Sponsorship



WWF Sponsorship

We are sponsoring WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) a non-profit organization helping to restore nature as well as protect animal species all over the world. We believe nature, as well as the animals in it, should not be harmed by our chores. Therefore, we try to help where possible and where it makes sense for us.





We are aiming our best to make our products as environmentally responsible as possible, however, producing goods can never be one hundred per cent carbon neutral. We act where we can: we are getting product batches shipped overseas and not by aeroplanes, we are reducing the use of batteries by making new solutions, and we are making products that are resistible giving them a long life. But none the less, we want to act on areas out of our hands too and therefore, WWF is a good place to start.


Some of the causes WWF are engaged in are renewable energy, reforestation, and new ways to use our resources more efficiently. All is done to restore and save our nature and the animals living in it.



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