Competition terms and conditions

General information about competitions held by

The competition is managed by Reelight ApS, Hasselager Centervej 11, 8260 Viby J. Any queries regarding the competition must be addressed to or phone: +45 86742490.

Competitions held by Reelight are for persons over 18 years unless anything else is described in the rules for the specific competition. Unless other is stated the competitions are free. Every person can only participate in the specific competition one time. Any use of fake names or addresses will lead to elimination from the competition.

Competitions held by Reelight have the purpose of being entertaining and competitors can therefore not raise claims toward Reelight afterwards.

Winners of competitions will be contacted directly. Reelight claim the right to announce the name and the city of the winner of a competition on our own social media platforms as well as on the website

If the winner does not reply within two weeks after being contacted another winner will be drawn.

Participation outside the stated participation dates won’t be considered legitimate. It is the participants responsibility that the sign-up reaches Reelight. Reelight cannot be held responsible for problems with sign-up for competitions.

Prizes cannot be exchanged to cash.

By participating in a competition managed by Reelight one has agreed to the competition terms stated by Reelight ApS.

Reelight claim the right to end competitions without warning. Reelights decisions in regard to competitions are final.


Personal data

When participating in a competition held by Reelight ApS, you give consent to Reelight and their third-parties to register and store your personal data for the purpose of completing the competition and sending the prize. When the competition is over unnecessary personal data will be deleted. In regard to the GDPR law, you have the right to gain insights and edit the information we have on you.


Subscription competition - For the time being this competition is put on a hold.

At times it will be possible to participate in this competition from the first date in the month to the last day in the month. Subscriptions outside of the participation date will not be registered for the competition.

There will only be drawn one winner for this competition. The winner will receive one set of bike lights with a value of maximum 94 Euro depending on the chosen lights.

The winner will be drawn on the last day in the month by random selection from all new subscribers within the specific month. The winner will be contacted directly and will have to provide a shipping address in order for the prize to be sent from Reelight ApS’ office.

To enter this competition the participant has to subscribe to our newsletter. This consent will be seen as a separate choice and all subscribers will, therefore, be participating in the competition. All subscribers have the right to unsubscribe or gain insights and edit their own data. Data (address, phone number etc.) gathered from the chosen winner will be deleted after the prize has arrived and the data serves no use.