City Supreme

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Constant light while riding.


Constant light while riding, continues lighting for two minutes when at a stand still.

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City Supreme - ReePower™

Battery Free Bike Lights Powered by Eddy Currents

These revolutionary bike lights are powered by Eddy Currents, generated when the aluminum rim rotates next to the light. This technology allows the lights to work without the need of any extra components mounted on the wheels.

Included with the lights are two brackets, which mounts on the fork and seat stay. City Supreme can be mounted on either side of your bike.



Constant light

Uses no batteries

Complies with Danish

Powered by Eddy Currents,
generated by a rotating magnet
ReePower™ Constant (optional)
Continues lighting for two minutes

Tool included

Safety light

Only for use on aluminium rims



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Item no.: RE-00072


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